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Windward Parkway Right-Turn Lane at GA 400 Off-Ramp

Start Date: Spring 2010

Completion Date: December 2011

Total CID Investment: $500,000.00

The expansion of the Georgia Highway 400 off-ramp at Windward Parkway is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011.  The project will add a right-turn lane along Windward Parkway, from the north-bound exit all the way to North Point Parkway.


Congestion at the Windward Parkway and Georgia 400 interchange is notorious.  More than 168,000 cars each day pass through the interchange causing major back-ups on both arteries.


JJ&G used computer modeling to design a free-flowing right-turn lane from Georgia 400, extending along Windward to North Point Parkway.


Design costs have been approved for the second phase of this project which will address traffic congestion that forms during the afternoon rush hour on the west side of Georgia 400.