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North Fulton CID mapFor the past 10 years, the North Fulton CID has been accelerating infrastructure improvements throughout North Fulton. Our efforts with city and county governments, local landowners and transportation planning agencies have made a significant impact on the quality of life in North Fulton County.

Currently, the North Fulton CID has nearly two dozen projects in its portfolio. Our visionary plan for the future includes more than 40 potential projects, bringing millions of dollars to the district and its partner cities.

Click the map for a closer look at the North Fulton CID current projects, or see completed and future projects.

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Northwinds Parkway Update

Learn more about the project overview and check out the initial design. Please note these designs are still in the planning phase and construction of the project has not been funded or finalized.

Blueprint North Fulton 2.0

With more than $81 million in infrastructure built over the past 10 years, the North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) has now completed a new master plan for the commercial district along Georgia 400. Entitled “Blueprint North Fulton 2.0,” the master plan outlines priorities for the next decade of CID investments.

Download the Blueprint North Fulton 2.0 Master Plan